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Say Hello to Pleasure and Goodbye to Pain!

And discover the power hidden within your body.

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Welcome to VulvaLove

You have the capacity for deep pleasure—in fact, your body is hardwired for it. If you feel pain or shame with sex, you are not alone and you most certainly are not broken.

Welcome to VulvaLove where you will guided to a new, more pleasure-filled life! We’re so glad you’re here.

We are Dee Hartmann, physical therapist, and Elizabeth Wood, sex educator, who share a passion for helping women heal physical and emotional pain around sex, sexuality, and their vulvas through fun, fact-based education. Our easy to follow practices can help every woman access new heights of solo and partnered pleasure!

After extensive training, research, and work with countless patients and clients we’ve come together to help you to find your way to the pleasure your body and soul is yearning to experience.

If you’re a woman who doesn’t like your vulva, experiences pain with sex or you’re just not finding sexual pleasure—you’ve come to the right place!

The Pleasure Movement Is Here!

Private Sessions

Are you experiencing any of these common issues?

    • I don’t enjoy sex because intercourse is so painful.
    • I feel shame around the look, size, and shape of my labia.
    • I have a hard time orgasming and feel insecure talking about it with my partner.
    • I feel like I can’t find my turn on; it’s like I’m asleep “down there”.
    • I know there’s more for me to experience during sex, I just can’t seem to get there on my own!
    • I’m so confused figuring out what I enjoy, let alone how I might get it.

If you see yourself in any of the above statements, we’re here to tell you others have felt and said the same thing. We’ve worked with hundreds of women like you and can’t wait to help you unlock your unique pleasure potential.

And for those of you shaking your head, saying – “Nope, not me. I’ve lived with this pain and shame for too long. I’m sure VulvaLove can’t help me”. We want you to know there’s hope for you too!

“I have been struggling a long time with debilitating bladder and pelvic pain for 8 years, 24/7 on a pain scale 7-9 depending on the day. Dee’s skillful hands and vast knowledge and experience had brought me my first two weeks of an 80% pain-free period I have had in eight years! I have only been with her 4 weeks and we are progressing well every visit. With Dee, I have a bright light of hope that the pain relief with my added work in exercises she gives me will one-day “cure” me.” —Caroline P.

Elizabeth Wood and Dee Hartman

How We Work

1. First, we help you alleviate emotional or physical pain through guidance, education, and exercises. Additional professional referrals may also be suggested.

2. Next, we introduce you to fun, easy-to-follow practices to increase solo and partnered pleasure.

3. Through this process, you will learn how to experience less pain (if that’s a challenge for you) and how to appreciate the value and importance of pleasure. As a result, you will experience greater desire, arousal, and joy.

Let’s get started!

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“The work that I did with Elizabeth helped me to heal, release shame and grief and develop a healthier relationship with my sexuality. My ability to orgasm and ejaculate increased significantly. If you are reading this, it is because some part of you feels pulled. Trust that and give yourself the gift of healing and knowledge. —Ann D.