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VulvaLove Trainings: Knowledge Is Power

Elizabeth Wood and Dee Hartman

At VulvaLove, we have decades of experience as sex therapists, physical therapists, and sex educators. After extensive training, research, and work with countless patients and clients, we’re offering comprehensive, fact-based sex education aimed at de-mystifying the vulva and promoting female sexuality.

Learn more about us and our credentials by reading About Dee and About Elizabeth.

When It Comes to Female Genital Health, It Can Be Difficult to Separate Fact From Fiction

Whether sex education is a distant memory or an essential part of your profession, having questions about the vulva is entirely normal and understandable. The truth is, comprehensive sex education is rare, and education on the vulva is even more limited.

It’s no wonder so many women struggle with shame, asking, What do normal labia look like? Many people don’t realize there are countless variations in vulva size, shape, and color. Genital diversity is the norm. But, without this knowledge, many feel natural differences are aesthetically—or even medically—“wrong.”

In Your Personal or Professional Life, Do You Want to Know More About Genital Diversity?

Are you a woman who is…

  • question marks over woman's headWorried that your genitals aren’t normal?
  • Struggling with arousal and desire, and wondering if your vulva is to blame?
  • Searching for the facts about female genital plastic surgery?
  • Curious about the dos and don’ts of labia reduction or labiaplasty?
  • Wondering how to help your daughter develop greater genital self-esteem and overall self-confidence?
  • Trying to connect with your body after sexual trauma and/or sexual pain?
  • Looking for a way to love your vulva and find pleasure in sex, without surgery or shame?

Or, are you a physical or mental health professional who is…

  • Wondering how to best serve female clients with concerns about their vulva size, shape, and color?
  • Trying to deepen your medical understanding of female sexuality, female sexual health, and labial diversity?
  • Curious about the form and function of healthy female anatomy?
  • Concerned about the rise in female genital plastic surgery, but unsure what alternatives to offer?
  • Seeking more empathetic and productive ways to approach sex, sexuality, pain, and pleasure with your patients or clients?
  • Interested in exploring the most current research with skilled, experienced, and passionate sex educators?

As stated in the International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease Recommendations Regarding Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery,Complex social factors are creating a perceived defect for which surgical intervention is offered as ‘the’ cure.”

Each year, thousands of women are choosing to have their inner labia surgically reshaped or  entirely removed. Even more are asking about labiaplasty. When asked about the procedures, many medical and mental health professionals aren’t sure how to respond. In fact, a 2016 survey found that 54 percent of general practitioners had patients requesting female genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS). Of that 54 percent, nearly half reported they didn’t know enough about FGCS and its risks to provide an educated answer.

Labiaplasty is permanent “solution” to a psychological issue that has manifested itself in our current culture. It’s a known fact that the labia play a very important role in sexual sensation and arousal. As such, it is vitally important that women and their medical and mental health practitioners understand genital anatomy and recognize the normality of vulvar diversity.

Educational Sex Workshops and Empowerment Coaching for Women

VulvaLove is committed to speaking directly to women and girls of all ages, without judgment or pressure. No matter how you perceive your genitals right now, if you want to love your vulva and discover pleasure, we’re here to help.

We offer:

  • Individual coaching, either in person or through Telehealth video conferencing
  • Coaching for small, private groups
  • Trainings for high school and college students
  • Classes and courses, such as “More to Your Genitals Than Meets the Eye: Normalizing Genital Diversity
  • Weekend intensives and educational retreats,] with courses on topics such as “Pain and Sex: They Don’t Go Together Unless Pain Is Your Kink”

Vulva Diversity Trainings for Medical Practitioners, Counselors, Therapists, and Sex Educators

At VulvaLove, our trainings are well-suited for sex therapists, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, internists, general practitioners, gynecologists, women’s health physical therapists, and anyone else serving those born female who continue to identify as women.  

mature woman in a classroom

We have courses and trainings for those who seek to deepen their expertise and those who are just starting to build it. We offer:

  • In-person and online trainings
  • A variety of classes and courses, including “More to Your Genitals Than Meets the Eye: Normalizing Genital Diversity
  • Fact-based, research-rich education about the medical purpose of labial tissue
  • Education on how to talk to your patients about their genitals, sex, and sexual intimacy
  • Valuable resources to share with your patients or clients
  • A new, holistic perspective on female genitals and sexual health

What are the outcomes of a VulvaLove training?

After a VulvaLove training, you can expect to better understand:

  • Labiaplasty’s popularity, procedures, risks, and potential limitations
  • The anatomy of female genitalia
  • Healthy genital form, including variations in size, shape, and color
  • Healthy genital function, including the nuances of pleasure and pain
  • How other body functions can affect sexual functioning, including arousal, orgasm, and pain
  • How to improve genital self-esteem or support improved self-esteem in your patient or client

Outcomes vary according to specific trainings and audience.

How much time do these trainings take?

Our trainings range from 60–90 minute classes or coaching sessions to weekend-long courses. We offer a variety of options to meet your scheduling needs.

Check our Events page for the most current updates.

How much does it cost?

Just like training length, pricing varies. Please contact us for specific pricing.

Labiaplasty can cost as much as $15,000. For individuals, we view our trainings as a valuable investment in self-understanding, self-esteem, and overall peace of mind. For professionals, our training represents an investment in the continued work of any educated provider or practitioner. The more educated you are, the better equipped you will be to make the most informed choices regarding your own genital health or to guide your patients or clients to do so themselves.

How do I schedule educational sex workshops, trainings, and classes?

If you’re interested in scheduling a one-on-one coaching session, group course, or practitioner or sex educator training, click here. We provide education in person and through video sessions.